[Providers] Good prepaid package?

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first of all, let me appologize myself: I'm working the The Hague until the end of December, and I can only speak German and English.

I'm looking for a cheap prepaid package (means SIM and mobile). I already had a look in the web, but most pages are in Dutch.

The objective is to send SMS within The Netherlands, and probably to have the option to call to Germany for a cheaper price.

I already found out two options:
- AH Mobile, they have an offer for a Alcatal OT-E 105 for 19 Euros incl. 5 Euros beltegoed. (http://www.ah.nl/mobiel/)
- T-Mobile with their PrePaid After3 Tariff (http://www.t-mobile.nl/persoonlijk/htdocs/page/shopping/rateplan/details_t_mobile_prepaid.aspx)

So my questions are:
- Which one would you prefer: T-Mobile, AH-Mobile or do you know any other (better) option?
- In addition to Media Markt, are there better GSM shops in The Hague?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Gepost op 02/09/07 om 10:38 uur
The best option for you is LEBARA MOBILE. Calling to Germany:
vaste lijn € 12 ct per minuut
mobiel nummer € 35 ct per minuut
Calls within Holland is 18 ct per minuut and sms 9 ct.

Good Luck!
Gepost op 02/09/07 om 13:14 uur
The best option would be lycamobile I think almost the same as Lebara. BUt the rates are 0.09 cents to landline/fixed phone and 0.33 to mobile phones.

Also there is a promotion with 10 euro top up voucher you will get 15 euro calling credit.
Gepost op 02/09/07 om 13:24 uur
LEBARA MOBILE and lycamobile packages are without a phone, though. Do you really need a phone ? Your own phone isn't simlockfree then ? Or do you want your own simcard to be active also, for being called ?

Anyway, you want a complete package. Then the AH Mobiel one is the cheapest, as this is a temporary offer.
When the numbers your calling most in Germany are from Vodafone (D2), Vodafone could also be an option here, with their Passport Tariff.

For having more choice you can visit specialized mobile phone shops, like Belcompany, the Phone House and T for Telecom, they sell all networks (except AH) and can give you better advice then Media Markt.
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Hello all,

thanks a lot for all those advices! So far, this lycamobile sounds really good.. But as I saw, this is not available with a phone as a package. I want a second phone as I want my other mobile still being active.

Are there any other options you would consider for a package (card and phone)?

Gepost op 03/09/07 om 01:04 uur
You could consider buying a cheap simlock-free phone and a lycamobile starter's package.
Together they'll cost more, than the cheapest complete packages, though, but on the other hand, you'd be able to use this phone as a back-up, when you get home, or sell it.
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and what do you think about the differences of AH Mobile and T-Mobile? As far as I have seen, T-Mobile does not offer a bonus for topping up the card, but AH Mobile does?

Another option would be an abonnement, if it is available for half a year. Does someone know if these kinds of contracts do exist? I only saw contracts for one year or more so far.

Gepost op 03/09/07 om 07:32 uur
Those contracts do exits. Orange can offer you contracts with a minimum term of one or six months (link 1 or link 2). Texting within The Netherlands costs 17 cents per message (you can buy a text bundle for cheaper texting though) and calling to Germany costs 60 cents per minute.
Gepost op 03/09/07 om 13:03 uur

thanks for these details about shorter contracts, but I guess a prepaid option would be the best for me.

What about the differences of AH Mobile and T-Mobile, as mentioned before? What would you choose?

Gepost op 03/09/07 om 13:39 uur
You'll probably have no landline, so you'll use the mobile phone inside your house also ?

Then you should consider that AH Mobiel (they have no network of their own) uses the network of KPN, the largest in NL. KPN has the best coverage overall, with T-Mobile being slightly less, but good in large cities.
For use inside buildings though, the KPN network is considerably better, due to the fact, that it's using the 900MHz frequency band, which goes better through walls, etc. than the 1800 MHz band, used by T-Mobile.
Gepost op 03/09/07 om 14:12 uur
Hi Marly,

thanks for your reply! This is also a good argument for AH Mobile... And for the other mobile card which is cheap for calling to Germany, which network do they use?

One last thing, as I do not speak any Dutch: Did I understand it correctly that T-Mobile does not offer a bonus for topping up the card wheras AH Mobile does? For example, buy 30 € and get 10 € for free?

Gepost op 03/09/07 om 14:33 uur
Lebara = NL KPN network
LycaMobile = NL T-Mobile network
AH Mobiel = NL KPN network
Gepost op 03/09/07 om 15:15 uur
... and this top-up-stuff? So far, I guess I take AH Mobile as I need a second mobile (a real "package").

Gepost op 03/09/07 om 19:17 uur
As far as I know, you'll get these extra "bonus" euros, when topping up, only with AH Mobiel.
T-Mobile NL has a program with bonus points for prepaid customers, but this is only useful, when you stay with them for a longer period.

When I'm not mistaken, I've seen a complete LEBARA package once (with Nokia 1600), at Belcompany, don't know, whether they still have it, maybe you should have a look. It did cost more than twice as much as the AH package, though. But their minutes to Germany are cheaper.
Gepost op 03/09/07 om 19:24 uur
That was a Nokia 1100 with Lebara Prepaid, together at 59 euro.
Gepost op 03/09/07 om 19:32 uur
Then I've mixed them up, apparently, it's some time ago ;).
But the shop was Belcompany, right ?

edit: I've seen in the Belcompany-flyer, LEBARA now also gives bonus "beltegoed", when you top up.
After having topped up, you'll have to sms the word "EXTRA" to 6060, then you'll get it within one working-day.
But I don't know, whether this is temporary. Suppose, at Belcompany, they can tell you all about it.
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thank you all for your kind help - I already got the Alcatel OT-E105 from AH Mobile. Unfortunately, the display is pretty small and I do not like the blue color at all, but it is only for four months and I suppose I can not give it back after I opened it? ;)

Off topic: Does anyone know where/how to find a furnished flat in Den Haag?


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